Are all steelcraft doors suitable for use as exterior doors?


The AD and CO locks both have a 3 hour fire door rating. Please see URL for more info.  UL Fire Rating List
The five most common cores are honeycomb, polystyrene, polyurethane, steel stiffened, and temperature rise. Honeycomb core doors are used for interior and exterior openings where high thermal...
A 4110 with AVB (advance variable back check) would be recommended. Using a SCUSH (Spring Cush) arm will also help minimize shock to all door hardware.
The recommended application for the 9100 series Benchmark operator is low traffic exterior doors, or low/moderate traffic interior doors. The Benchmark series operator "is not" recommended for use ...
Panic devices are not designed for exterior application. As with any mechanical device, exposure to the elements may affect the operation and life of the device and/or finish and may void&n...
Water and electricity do not mix.  Von Duprin electrified devices can NOT be used in an exterior environment.