camlift hinge template


See attached templates.  5BB1HW Swing Clear Hinges
The SEH is an "electronic holder" (ONLY) that is used to hold open a Fire Rated opening. It requires a door closer to be mounted on the opposite side. It is normally used on an existing opening wit...
ST-1630 is required when mounting a 4041 or 4040XP door closer regular (pull/hinge) side with a concealed GJ100 or GJ410 series over head stop.
Templates for 224HD TW8 continuous hinges are  829431-00 for 83" & 85", 829433-00 for 95" & 829435-00 for 120" tall doors. Templates for 112HD TW8 continuous hinges are 829430-00 for 83" & 85", 82...
Not specifically for lead lined doors.  But the standard hinges should work and not hit the lead lining in the door.  Since standard lead layers vary, check with door manufacturer an...