electronic price books


Price Books are not available for public viewing. Please contact your local sales representative or distributor for price request.
Wiring and Riser diagrams can be accessed at:Common wiring diagrams can be accessed at:  http://kc.allegion.com/.   Click on the "Common Wiring Diagram" link.To request a custom wiri...
The blue lever tool remover, 24002693, is not shipped in every box. The existing wire spring lever removal tool will be included in every box.  
Lubriplate is a grease that can be used for our locks and is available in the price book for purchase, M204-168.
L9040 locks WITHOUT indicator uses an emergency tool available in the price book, L583-233.L9040 locks WITH an indicator requires a small flat blade screwdriver.
The L583-233 emergency key spindle length is 1.575"The L583-233 emergency key will operate on a door thickness up to 3" extended equally.