The Von Duprin 98/99EO exit devices will accept any of the exterior trims that we offer for 98/99 exit devices without any extra parts. 996L, 996L-NL, 996L-DT, 996L-BE, 990NL, 990DT, and 110NL a...
To convert the Von Duprin 98/99 Rim or Vertical (Rod or Cable) Exit Device with functional lever (996L-R/V) to act like a rigid lever (996L-NL-R/V) with key over ride follow these steps: Remove ...
No, the 98/99 series mortise exit device should be ordered as NL less trim. IE, 9875NL-L/TRIM. NL-OP suffix is normally used with the 98/99 series rim, surface and concealed vertical rod devices wh...
This option is not available as there is no NL cam to directly drive the rods and using a key to lift the heavy stainless, brass or bronze rods would damage the key. 
Install the pinion cam at the top of the retractor per Figure 7-3 in Step 7 of 1690 Instructions.
The Falcon C987 cylinder can be ordered with the #27 cam as it has a similar profile to the Schlage B520-731 cam for trims after 2/28/2011.
Device would be ordered as a 25C-C as of June 2012.