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Here is an updated list of errors shown on keypad display of the Senior Swing control: Er04 - Voltage Monitor was high during Opening hardware check. Er05 - Master or slave CPU has oscillator ...
Torx head screws are only available as machine screws.
The LCN closers are not designed nor intended to be exterior mounted in the elements.
The 1260, 1460, and 4030 regular arm closers on the pullside will allow 180° door opening and can be held open at 180°, frame and trim permitting.
Please refer to the Allegion Contact Us web page for all inquiries in North and South America.Contact Us for Europe, Middle East, India, Africa and Asia Pacific,  You can also r...
LCN does not sell direct. LCN only sells through it's Distributors and Dealers. They would need to contact a Distributor/Dealer in their area. 
The date is a 4 digit #. The first 2 numbers indicate the week it was made, and the last 2 numbers indicate what year it was made. On most surface mounted closers, the model #,  date code, ...