LCN closer repair ticket


It would be unnecessary to use the CNS/Cush arm and the Glynn Johnson overhead devices in the same application, both mechanisms stop the door.
Any LCN Closer that ends in the number 1, will meet ADA 5 lbs opening forces.
A cam-action closer has not been made available by LCN or Falcon so we have to continue to use our track style closers from an aesthetics point of view, or a standard 4000 series closer if it is an...
The LCN "Traditional" series closer line was discontinued in 1980.  
The fluid in an LCN closer must not be refilled in the field. See attached Warranty and Repair Communication 
Closers mounted according to LCN installation instructions require no periodic maintenance or seasonal adjustments.The full line catalog states that no periodic maintenance is required.
The 2210 DPS "switch" and "plastic (setting) gear" ARE NOT sold or replaced separately.  The closer has to be replaced or sent back to LCN for repairs to have a new switch or plastic (setting) gea...
The 1370 series closer was discontinued on Oct. 4th, 2008The 1260 closer hole pattern is 9-1/16" x 3/4", which is NOT the same hole pattern as the 1370 closer. The 1260-18QF plate does have the s...