LCN tbtrx thicknees


Thru-Bolt, ‘Torx’ Machine Screws
If using the LCN pneumatic control box as the air source for the Von Duprin Pneumatic devises then you have to use the LCN 925 tubing because of the size of air line fitting on the LCN co...
The only spring size available is a size 4 (2314ME, 4314ME, 4414ME) which has a stronger spring to help insure that the door will close in a fire situation.
Any LCN Closer that ends in the number 1, will meet ADA 5 lbs opening forces.
A cam-action closer has not been made available by LCN or Falcon so we have to continue to use our track style closers from an aesthetics point of view, or a standard 4000 series closer if it is an...