Mag lock on senior swing door


"PUSH SIDE" application: Minimum 52" wide pair, with neither door being less than 21" wide. "PULL SIDE" application: Minimum 60" wide pair, with neither door being less than 30" wide.
An electric strike or maglock (24 volt only) can be wired to a Senior Swing 2800/9500 series operator using the P10 Lock Interface cable. To power the 24VDC electric strike or maglock off a LCN Se...
The Senior Swing has a built in circuit that controls closing speed through the motor. If the door is slamming, there must be a broken gear in the gearbox and the gearbox will need to be replaced.
The minimum door widths for mounting a Senior Swing are: Concealed 2810 Series: 2811 single door (offset pivot or butt hinge) -- 33". 2811 single door with stop (center pivot) -- 36". 2853 pa...