what is hold open feature


H, Hold open arm
HLONG, Deep Reveals
HCUSH, PA Mount, Parallel Arm Mount
HBUMPER, HO, Hold Open, Hold Open Clip
HO, Hold Open, Hold Open Clip
Track Closers, Hold Open Track Closers
SE, electronic hold open
The "B" means "Bypass". The "80 or 140" is the degree of door opening from the fully closed position.  "B80" means the hold open feature is bypassed (will not hold open) until the door is opened...
The ES Filter started to ship with these units (Senior Swing/Benchmark/Falcon) on 4/22/2013.  The ES Filter kit will help eliminate line noise from an Electric Strike if used. 
On the Senior Swing, if you have line noise from a strike the unit will go into an Error Code on the Control Box (Er14) and will not operate.  Adding the ES Filter, which is a diode, will eliminate...
On the Benchmark and Falcon, if there is line noise from a strike then the unit will lose it's hold open time.  Adding the ES Filter, which is a diode, will resolve this issue and the unit will hol...
The 4041/4040XP HEDA arm is handed because of the hold open feature. The regular EDA arm is not handed.
EDA ARM - The EDA arm is a heavy duty parallel arm mount.  The degree of door opening is determined by the template used for mounting. EDA arm closers can only be mounted as a Push Side parallel ar...
The HSA is an electrically controlled closer/holder designed to provide easy passage for groups of pedestrians through high traffic doors. - In 2006, we changed the Scanner in all HSA units to a s...
The 4600 Series I/O PC Board was updated in Nov. of 2010. As part of that update, the hold open switch plug in connector was removed, requiring the hold open switch to be field wired on t...