what is nl


The 388 Cylinder Control is required for the NL-OP function on a 33A/35A series exit devices. The 110NL is used on 22 and 98/99 series exit devices not 33/35A series devices.
Night Latch (NL)= key retracts the latch momentarily to allow entry. When key is removed, the latch will extend and locks the door (momentary unlock). Class Room (Lock/ Unlock)= key unlocks...
The E7500 electric mortise lock body supplied on E98/9975 devices require active trims (L, L-BE, TP, TP-BE, K, or K-BE) to retract the latch after the electronic lock body unlocks.
This option is not available as there is no NL cam to directly drive the rods and using a key to lift the heavy stainless, brass or bronze rods would damage the key. 
Von duprin will supply the 996L and 996L-BE trims with RX switch. Von Duprin will not supply the 996L-NL and 996L-DT trims with RX switch because the switch monitors the lever movement and the leve...
You must have the Von Duprin NL Cylinder plate part number 967484-89 to convert the 370 series controls from classroom function to night latch function. If new installation, use the NL cylinde...
The KIL Instructions will show you how to convert trim to Night Latch(NL) function.
To convert a 98TP to a 98L-NL you must purchase the 996L-NL trim and an NL drive screw (090074) to install in the master cam.