User questions

  • What is the difference between Von Duprin LX and/or RX switches and the Signal Switch SS option?
  • What ligature resistant trim is available on the ND or L9000?
  • What types of steel are used in commercial steel doors?
  • Is there a test to determine if a door or frame is galvannealed (galvanized) steel or cold rolled steel?
  • Are there MSDS sheets for the batteries in the 900-BB?
  • Why does my key cylinder spin and not lock or unlock the ND?
  • Why does my key cylinder spin and not lock or unlock the ND?
  • What is the most common practice for running electric power from a frame to the door and hardware?
  • What is the part number for the SFIC tail piece for a W lock?
  • What is the part number for T lock tailpiece used with a conventional cylinder?
  • Which way is the tail piece of the rim cylinder is inserting into the Von Duprin 98/99 rim device from 996L trim?
  • Reinstalling an AD-993 Tailpiece Holder Assembly
  • Why will 912L not retract the latch bolt all the way?
  • How do I wire an EL device to normally hold open the latch and release it during a fire alarm?
  • What would cause an EL device to pull and release?
  • How to adjust the 9847/9947 or 9848/9948 rod adjustment?
  • What would keep the vertical rod exit devices top latch from being held retracted in the open position?
  • Why would bottom latch on 98/9927 drop when top latch stays retracted?
  • What is the part number for the former F588 from Monarch?
  • What is the part number for 98/9927-F top latch less cover?
  • Will the 18-V top latch work with a 25-V device?
  • Can the old style 3327 top latches and rods still be purchased?
  • Why is the 2390 top latch not staying retracted when dogged?
  • Why will my EL 1490 fire my latches but not hold?
  • What wire gauge and run is recommended for Von Duprin electric latch retraction EL device?
  • What is in a 23538838 Tamper Torx Screw Pack for AD-Series Exit Trim?
  • Can I cut an L or LP section blank in the field?