access point configuration


An access point is an access-controlled point such as a door, turnstile, or gate. At the hardware level, this consists of a grouping of devices (Door Contact, Soor Strike, Reader, REX).
The hold open position on a "REG" or "EDA"  hold open arm is set with the door to a few degrees shy of the desired hold open point. To properly set, open the door 5° less then the desired hold open...
Some Access Control Panels are designed with “Supervised” or “Dry contact” requirements for the inputs and have no common ground between the ACP (Access Control Panel) and device at the door. “S...
Schlage offers the “RLBD” to support these supervised or dry contact interface applications. The "RLBD" plugs directly into the PIM400-TD2 or PIB300-TD2 for easy hook-up.  
Please reference this Tehnical Note RLBD SES-20120418 for RLBD setup, use information, hook-up diagrams and some testing suggestions when connecting to a Supervised dry contact Access Contro...
This is a link to the RLBD Installation Instructions.
This RLBD data sheet can also be found at Schlage/Technical Support. RLBD DataSheet
If an access control system is not available to test the card output on a hand reader, this card emulation test can be done to verify the card format is correct.  These steps will guide you in...
Acronym for Wireless Access Point Module
A self-powered, portable and convenient WireLess Access Point Module that provides access granted/access denied indicators