AL latch sticks out


First,  make sure the device is being tested while it is mounted to the door with trim installed.   (Testing the device on the bench may show behaviors that will not occur once the d...
Check the timing first, Where can I find timing instructions for the Falcon T lock? The keyspindle assembly for the T/RU571 and the T/RU561 w...
Replace the lock chassis as necessary for any T locks exhibiting this issue.  RU locks need to be replaced entirely. 
If manually it opens and closes fine, check to make sure one of the actuators is not getting stuck in the on position. Verify that the "Operating Indicator" LED's -- "POWER and SAFETY CLEAR" LED's ...
This is available, specify 41-005 for an extension link that is used with a 2 3/8" latch to effectively make a 5" backset.
The AL series latches are not adjustable.