AL series and ALX series latches are specifically designed for use with their respective lock series and cannot be used interchangeably.
The AL-series latch bolt bar only moves 3/8" which can cause problems if used with the ALX-series.
The standard (non-Primus) cylinder for the ALX50, ALX53, and ALX80 is 21-020 The standard (non-Primus) cylinder for the ALX70 is 23-195 The Primus cylinder for the ALX50, ALX53,...
The small format core throw member for the AL locks is C604-381.
Schlage offers the 10-042 Electric strike, 1 1/4" x 4 7/8", 606 and 626 finish only. Related solution: What are the current and voltage requirements of ...
The AL lock will be shipped with two spacers.  Use two spacers for 6-pin cores and use one spacer for 7-pin cores.
The part number for one spacer is D500-000.
The lever may be missing the slot feature for the core locking lug.  Verify slot is in place.