anti ligature escutcheon


The standard L9000 lock can be ordered for thin doors (1 3/8") and the appropriate parts will be shipped.  The LV9000, L400, LM9000, Anti-Ligature, and N escutcheon trims a...
The Schlage SL1 ligature resistant lever is designed to break-away between 100 and 200 inch-pounds.  The lever will rotate at this point but not allow access.
See image, ANSI A115.1 Mortise Lock PrepThis door prep requires the N escutcheon with the L283-029 spacer kit to keep the springcage from falling into the door.  Spacer kits are...
The 996EO trim is just the plate without the lever and cylinder hole
In late July, 2014, Schlage began taking orders for a new high visibility indicator for both N escutcheon and sectional trim applications.  A complete listing of lock functions and part number...
The L Series mortise indicator datasheet can be found here. Includes how to order.