arched door closer


CE Series door in a variety of embossed panel designs and gages. The CE series embossed panel doors also offer a wide range of specifiable options including sizes, glass light designs and hardw...
High Definition (High Def) door panel designs have deeper shadow lines than conventional CE-Series designs. CE-Series doors are available with optional High Definition (HD2 and HD2A) door panel de...
The 62A shoe is used when it is necessary to install the door closer (lower) down on the door so that it will operate under accessories such as overhead stops, coordinators, etc.
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The 2030 closer requires a minimum 1-3/8" top rail on the door for the standard track.  For a top rail less than 1-3/8" and as narrow as 1", you could use the l...
Locate closer and arm from the centerline of the swing clear hinge pin.
The measurements from center line to centerline of the mounting holes are 2-3/8"  x  6-3/4".