armored push bar


Scalp, Face Plate
A PBKIT is a Pushbar Retrofit Kit.The pushbar retrofit kits are not the same for 33A/35A and 98/99 series exit devices.  Depending on the finish of the exit device, the pushbar end caps are di...
Followings are the reason for 98/99 exit alarm ALK not sound when push bar is activated. Make sure key switch on exit alarm ALK is turned on, wait for 20 seconds before you activating the pushba...
If the Chexit device shipped prior to 8-24-2015  is not adjusted correctly ( Check vertical rod or Mortise finger) without using the door position switch and nuisance delay is&n...
The push bar end cap is only included in the push bar replacement/retrofit kit (PBKIT) because the end caps are riveted to the push bar.   
How to order:  specify devise type, size, and finish.  Example: PBKIT 33A 3' US28