battery operated actuators


On average, the battery life on the wireless actuators will be 9 months to 1 year for most installations. Extreme (cold) conditions may reduce battery life.
The Von Duprin PS914-2RS retracts the EL or QEL device approximately 200 times with five second hold time after each pull.
This is a discontinued product no longer support.  This product rights were purchased by Westinghouse, (800)-227-1667.
The 4630/4640 operator can accept any ( normally open / dry contact) actuator - hardwired or wireless.  LCN Wireless actuators require the use of the 8310-865 RF receiver.The 8310-856 RF ...
If a 4600 clicks, but won't open the door: Verify proper connection of all the control box connectors. Verify correct manual operation of door. Verify actuator connections and any strike/maglo...
An electronic lock using battery power to carry out its functions.
When the battery is depleted to 6.5 volts (i.e., the Low Battery Nuisance Delay begins), a valid Normal credential will operate the lock at least 500 times before Critical Battery Level lockout occ...