can fire rated door be undercut?


The bottom rod of the device will accommodate a 1/4" to 3/4" door undercut per 2130 template .
Steelcraft L-Series and T-Series doors are available (as an option) factory prepared for the Von Duprin InPact exit device. 
Decorative metal panels can only be attached if the panel manufacturer is UL listed in UL’s category GVUZ. All installation, sizes and hourly ratings are in accordance with that manufacturers” ...
Yes, Steelcraft doors we are approved up to 48" in height or not to exceed a total 2304 square inches per face. Protective plates are usually flat sheets of metal or plastic applied to one or both...
The Von Duprin 5100 electric strike is not for fire rated applications.
The 6223-FSE electric strike is fire rated for pairs of wood doors, but check with wood door manufacturer to see if they have been approved for this application.
The 6111 electric strike can be used only on non rated openings less bottom rod with pullman top latch (use ES prefix when ordering device). Device back set will change to match the centerline of t...
Not for use in fire rated openings.