can i order ft series frames?


The XL11-463 is no longer available, this was an option for the L series electrified locks to come with a 5 ft. pigtail. 
A Kerfed Frame is a frame that is formed with an optional integral pocket or recess in the area of the stop to receive gasket, seals or weather stripping. Kerfed frames are available as an&n...
Steelcraft does offer Thermal Break Frameson the FT series. Thermal break frames are available as:3-sided frames onlyFrames are available in 16 or 14 gauge steelFT series frames meet the requi...
Additional information on Thermal Break Frames can be found on Tech Data Pages 224 thru 227 
The part number is: 1461-3071 for the door closer cylinder body.
On May 1, 2013 the LM9000 lock was discontinued and replaced with the LM9300 Multipoint Lock. 
The LM9000 mortise lock, door with pre-assembled vertical rods, and frame all ship separately.  The soffit latch, bottom strike, and latch release will ship with the mortise lock, not the...
A 3' exit device can not be modified to a 4' exit device. You will need to replace the device with a 4' one.
The backset is 2 3/4" from edge of door to the center line of the device and strike. The preparation for the WS98/99 strike must be specified when placing order for the frame.
To determine Actual Door Size, the following values are subtracted from nominal door size (frame opening/order size) Actual Door Size: The largest measured width by height of the door leaf as m...