can we order delayed action closer with push side mount


Regular LCN closers have "3" regulating valves for General Speed, Latch Speed, and Backcheck. If the LCN closer has "4" regulating valves, then the closer has the Delayed Action feature. De...
The 4040SE is non handed and can be mounted on the push or pull side of the door.
Pull Side Mount: The 4040SEL X ST-2966 is required for pull side mounting with swing clear hinges. ST-2966 template
Push Side Mount: Take the dimensions for the closer and track from centerline of swing clear hinge pin for the push side mount.
Optional closer reinforcements are located at 3" from hinge jamb to the beginning of the reinforcement plate. This applies to Regular Arm, Parallel Arm, Top Jamb. Regular Arm (RA) closer reinfor...
4040XP Series (4040 DEL) is a universal closer. *(see note) Non Handed closer. Can be mounted on a RH or LH door. 4041XP - Adjustable size 1 to 6. Can mount push side or pull side of the doo...