can you have CD on QEL


A non-fire rated QEL, QEL+, and QELA exit device can be converted to HD by removing the motor and adding the Hex Dogging Replacement kit 050709, and the HD conversion kit, 050114 for 33...
The new QEL motor has a label affixed to the cover, the older QEL motor has no such label.  See attached image.
As of 1/15/2012 the 94/95 device is available with a QEL electric latch retraction option. See attached bulletin.
Cylinder dogging (CD) and an RX switch can be ordered together with 33/35 or 98/99 series.
This can be done ONLY with non fire rated exit devices.
There is not enough room for both options as the dogging mechanism in a standard cylinder dogging and the electronics for the EL or QEL options are both located at the end of the base plate. For 9...
The cam is not inverted on the mortise cylinder for the CD option.
Cylinder dogging CD is not available with 22 series exit device.
Cylinder Dogging(CD) is not an option on any Falcon-Dor-o-matic device.