chexit device lever trim options


You can use the E996L electric trim with Chexit 98/99 series exit device.
Inside cylinder locks and unlocks the outside trim, such as thumb piece, knob or lever.  Outside cylinder functions as an NL when inside cylinder locks the outside trim.Double cylinder fe...
The only Falcon Doromatic device with a lever trim option trim is the 1790 device.
When CX99L-BE is not armed with key cylinder on the device or shunted by card reader, the exterior 996LBE lever trim will release.
The E996L-FSE trim is needed if the application requires fail-secure operation from the trim side of the opening. When power is out on Chexit device, E996L-FSE trim will remain locked to ...
A thumbpiece, knob or lever trim left in the unlock position would be locked when the Chexit is armed and unlock when the Chexit device is disarmed. To keep the outside trim in the lock p...
The Danmark levers were available in rose trim only.