chexit electric latch retraction


 Electric latch retraction, EL, devices are only available in 24VDC.
There is no EL conversion kit for a 2390, the device will need to be replaced.
You can not use these options together on the same device per the following reasons: QEL/EL device retracts the latch bolt of the exit device allowing entry. CX (Chexit) device ...
Using the key from the pull side of the door does not retract the latch bolt on a rim or vertical rod chexit device.
CX98/9975 mortise devices will retract the latch bolt when the key is used on the pull side of the door.
The Von Duprin Chexit device does not have electric latch retraction feature.
The Von Duprin PS914 power supply must be used on the EL devices with either the 900-2RS or 900-4RL option board since the EL devices requires power supplies set at 24VDC to be able to provide the ...
  You can use a Von Duprin PS914 power supply with any of the following option boards depending on the application. 900-2RS board  will power 1 or 2 devices that do not require timing from pow...
The latch bolt on an XP98/99 exit device does not retract. The latch bolt will release and pivot out of the way when push bar is depressed or out side trim is activated.
Use a normally closed fire alarm as the input to the power supply option board (PS873-2 or PS914-2RS), this will hold the latch retracted.  During a fire alarm, the contact will open, dropping...
The Von Duprin EL option can be added to any existing 33A/35A, 98/99 series exit devices.