chexit retrofit kit


There is currently an Exit Alarm Kit for the 19 device. It is ordered by description: 19 EAK 3' x Finish 19 HWEAK 3' x Finish (Hardwired version) 19 EAK 4' x Finish 19 HWEAK 4'' x F...
The RX switch can be installed at the factory when device is ordered or in the field with part# 650359-00. Installation instructions here will show how the RX swi...
A PBKIT is a Pushbar Retrofit Kit.The pushbar retrofit kits are not the same for 33A/35A and 98/99 series exit devices.  Depending on the finish of the exit device, the pushbar end caps are di...
The EL retrofit kit will work with an old style 33/3547 exit device.
You need to order the EL98/9947 or 3'  EL conversion kit.  This will fit on 28 1/8" minimum door opening on two vertical x vertical rod device doors.
There is no conversion kit for Von Duprin Chexit device.  If delayed egress Chexit device is required, the entire device must be replaced.
For motor driven Chexit devices shipped from the factory after 8-24-2015, the RX switch is standard, part number 116717-00.    
For solenoid driven Chexit devices shipped from the factory prior to 8-24-2015, the RX switch is ordered as a "Special CX-RX switch" by SSC or distributors.  The switch may only be installed o...
The PS914RFK retrofit kit power supply includes the former PS873 enclosure.
The 38-075 was a spring cage retrofit kit used on the old D series locks manufactured prior to October 1994.  Kits contained 2 each spring cages, 2 each roses, 2 each mounting screws.
The push bar end cap is only included in the push bar replacement/retrofit kit (PBKIT) because the end caps are riveted to the push bar.   
How to order:  specify devise type, size, and finish.  Example: PBKIT 33A 3' US28
Von Duprin offers two options:The CDSI/HDSI Dogging Indicator provides an at-a-glance verification of the status of the door from inside of the room. Visible “LOCKED” and “UNLOCKED” indicators show...
If the horn fail to operate in the CX device you need to replace the Chexit module. 040086 is the part number for devices shipped after 8-24-2015 with motor driven.050228 is the...
The circuit board is sometimes referred to as a "module" in the field.
The old D series springcage part numbers are as follows: C303-035 - Inside Springcage C303-036 - Outside Springcage These parts are no longer available.
050090 for bottom latch retrofit kit and 050091 for top latch retrofit kit.