chexit rim device


A thumbpiece, knob or lever trim left in the unlock position would be locked when the Chexit is armed and unlock when the Chexit device is disarmed. To keep the outside trim in the lock p...
The NL key override will not open the door while Chexit rim or vertical rod device is in the arm mode.
Using the key from the pull side of the door does not retract the latch bolt on a rim or vertical rod chexit device.
CX98/9975 mortise devices will retract the latch bolt when the key is used on the pull side of the door.
The LX switch is not available with Von Duprin rim and vertical rod Chexit devices. If using a mortise Chexit device the SS7500 mortise lock would provide a LX latch bolt monito...
Chexit devices are NOT electric latch retraction.  In order for Chexit device to operate with an auto operator you will need to add a rim electric strike on a single door or a pair o...