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As of Feb. 8th, 2016- LCN launched a new HO feature (block) for all track closers, which is not handed.  Part # for the Hold Open clip (block) is 3130-3054 and it also requires the...
HBUMPER, HO, Hold Open, Hold Open Clip
HO, Hold Open, Hold Open Clip
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  Product shipped on or after Feb. 8th, 2016 The "3034" and "3034H" are internal part designation that LCN uses to specify regular (3034) and hold open ...
On Feb 8th, 2016 - LCN launched the redesign of the Hold open clip which changed multiple components of our Track style closers, including the roller, track, hold open clip, and bumper.   
Make sure that the hold open nut is not on upside down.  The orientation of the hold open nut depends on the mounting. On a Top Jamb "Push Side" mount, the hold open nut would poi...