closer fluid temperture


The LCN closer fluid "Liquid X" will perform without variation between:  -30° F to +120° F - for manual closers.  +35° F to +120° F - for electrical closers and automatic operators. At around ...
The fluid in an LCN closer must not be refilled in the field. See attached Warranty and Repair Communication 
No, LCN does not have an electronic hold open closer (SE/ME Series) that will provide a solid 180° hold open position. The 3130SE has an adjustable hold open position from 85° to 110° maximum. ...
If an ME Series closer creeps shut or will not hold open, Verify proper voltage is being supplied to the closer, if correct Check the on/off switch. Verify the voltage on the 2 pin co...
The 4110 Cush closer can be templated for 85°, 90°, 100°, and 110° maximum as standard templates. The 4110 if ordered by ST-3220 will allow templating to 135°
The 4000T Series closers have a maximum opening of 90°.
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