closer holder conflict chart


The 4330 / 4430 is an obsolete ME closer replaced by the 4310ME or 4410ME Series.
ST-1630 is required when mounting a 4041 or 4040XP door closer regular (pull/hinge) side with a concealed GJ100 or GJ410 series over head stop.
Hold Open Closers & Magnets (Fire/Life safety products) provide a wide range of solutions.  Single or multi-point hold open closers Utilize an electromechanical closer. Hold the door o...
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 The correct method (process) for setting the hold open is: The 4010 hold open arms are handed, verify correct hand arm. (R or L stamped on main arm) Loosen the hold open nut. Opened the door ...
If an ME Series closer creeps shut or will not hold open, Verify proper voltage is being supplied to the closer, if correct Check the on/off switch. Verify the voltage on the 2 pin co...