Cm lock audit retrieval


SUS 4.1.1 or older will NOT display the Lock Friendly name (ex. Lab Door 2) unless the user also has a corresponding door file loaded on the HHD. These means that the user that wishs to retrieve ...
SUS 4.4.0 released 06/06/2011 is the first version that displays the Lock friendly name in the Main screen of the SUS regardless the existence of a door file in the HHD;
In order for the HHD to be able to display the lock name, the lock firmware must be updated with ADFwPkg 2.17.10 and COFwPkg 1.21.0 (OR higher) AND the lock MUST be programmed with its door file be...
When the SUS and HHD are used in the “Auto Update” mode, the audit info will be automatically gathered each time the SUS is successfully connected with a lock.