compatibility with medeco


The AL lock can not be ordered to accept any competitor full size core.  The ND lock should be used in these applications.
Only the Schlage ND-Series can be prepped to accept non-Schlage cores. All designs are supplied with the appropriate tailpiece Non-Schlage cores are NOT included Lever designs available vary d...
No, the AD400 / WRI400/ WPR400 only work with the PIM 400-485 or PIM 400-TD2. The legacy WA locks / WRI / WPR2/ WSM only communicate with the legacy PIM-485 or PIM-TD2.
Medeco does offer a key-in-lever cylinder to fit the Schlage ND. You will need to contact Medeco for the cylinder Specify a key-in-lever cylinder to fit the Schlage ND lo...