Concealed vertical rod device application electric strike


No, per the UL Compliance group, the concealed rod devices are only tested with the 338 strike with metal frames. This applies to panic and fire applications.  The 283 strike may only be used ...
Yes, the Von Duprin model 260U strike is intended for surface vertical rod devices with flush transom applications.  There is also a fire rated model called the 260U-F.
The 6111 electric strike can be used only on non rated openings less bottom rod with pullman top latch (use ES prefix when ordering device). Device back set will change to match the centerline of t...
Not for use in fire rated openings.
The Von Duprin 1609 cannot be used on a pair of fire rated doors. We recommend using the Von Duprin fire rated mortise exit device in lieu of the rim device such as the Von Duprin 5575-F,...
See the installation instructions 718 for -C devices.
Templates for current 718 series trim can also be found on Falcon website
The AD or CO - 993 is NOT compatible with a Von Duprin 98/99 Concealed Vertical Rod exit device on wood doors.