We no longer offer a delay egress board in the P900 series power supplies.
The delay egress is controlled in the exit device (Von Duprin Chexit), the magnetic lock, or other locking device.
One Deleay Egress Controller (DE5101) can run two mag locks on a pair of doors, provided the doors are not controlled independently
The Von Duprin PS914-2RS retracts the EL or QEL device approximately 200 times with five second hold time after each pull.
The part number for the solenoid air valve in the 7900 Series control boxes are: 7901/ES7901 - part# 941 - marked A 7902(S)/ES7902(S) - part# 942 - (2 valves) marked A and B 7949/ES7949 - part...
The 900-4R is used with PS900 series power supplies and has four independent outputs and inputs with no time delay. You can use any of these outputs with electrified hardware including EL devices a...
When the new PS900 series power supplies were created we did not pursue a version of these option boards.  Need to discuss the specific hardware they are using and requirements to determine the app...