Cutting Exit Devices


For most exit devices, please refer to the specific device series catalog for minimum door opening width the device can be cut down to fit.   Be aware that some device options, frame...
The extension rod could be used either on the top or bottom rods.
The Von Duprin CX 98/99-4 feet Rim devices on single doors with 5/8" stops and the standard 299 roller strike can be field sized to fit a minimum of 40.2" door opening.  This an...
No, the existing 98/9927/F, 98/9947/F and 98/9947/F devices can't be cut to fit a 24" leaf door.
Falcon Monarch XX series trims will work with Monarch 18 series exit devices.
You need to order the EL98/9947 or 3'  EL conversion kit.  This will fit on 28 1/8" minimum door opening on two vertical x vertical rod device doors.