CVR prep doors


Yes, as an option, Steelcraft doors are available with factory prepared for the 98/9949 Concealed Vertical Cable Exit Device. L, B, CE, T and CE-Series doors are available factory prepared Door...
Monorail cutouts are typically the upper corner of door. Channels are cut to size welded into door held flush to cutout. We do not supply any covers or plates to finish.
The size monorail cutout is 8" wide x 24" high
Monorail cutouts are only available for non fire rated applications.
All hardware options (available on standard door) are available on GrainTech® doors. Available hardware are covered in the Steelcraft Price Manual. GrainTech® doors can be prepped for the Von Dupr...
Yes, the holes on the door would be covered up by the 25-R-L device.
The (4) center case mounting holes are in the same location but there are some small modifications that will be needed like the 3/4" dia. hole at device CL for the main cam clearance shown o...