cx conversion kit


There is no conversion kit for Von Duprin Chexit device.  If delayed egress Chexit device is required, the entire device must be replaced.
The circuit board is sometimes referred to as a "module" in the field.
If the horn fail to operate in the CX device you need to replace the Chexit module. 040086 is the part number for devices shipped after 8-24-2015 with motor driven.050228 is the...
For motor driven Chexit devices shipped from the factory after 8-24-2015, the RX switch is standard, part number 116717-00.    
For solenoid driven Chexit devices shipped from the factory prior to 8-24-2015, the RX switch is ordered as a "Special CX-RX switch" by SSC or distributors.  The switch may only be installed o...
There is not a conversion kit to electrify the LP373L lever control.  You need to order a complete E-LP373L-BE control through Engineering Specials.
There is no EL conversion kit for a 2390, the device will need to be replaced.
Cylinder dogging CD is not available with 22 series exit device.
The Von Duprin EL option can be added to any existing 33A/35A, 98/99 series exit devices.