data sheet for QEL


The attached table shows the part numbers for LX-RX and LX-RX-LC switches field installed.
Calibration is an internal process of the QEL device when energized the 1st time.  The solenoid will pull and drop 3 times on a standard calibration.  Calibration can be forced by pr...
The 900-2Q board is no longer available. For warranty purposes, QEL conversion kit and 900-2RS board are required. The 900-2RS replaces the 900-2Q board.
You can use the QEL+ device with 900-2Q option board.
If a vertical rod device, verify the vertical rods are adjusted properly and there is not a bind at the strikes.  Make sure the push bar is not binding at the pushbar guides or any other ...
The EL wiring adapter is not needed for QEL devices.
The new QEL motor has a label affixed to the cover, the older QEL motor has no such label.  See attached image.