device center line from finished floor


The CS210 has a patented center-to-center adjustment that will switch from the standard 4" door prep to 5-1/2".  Only these two dimensions are available.
These dimensions and other general lock case dimensions can be found on template L1.  
There are two main differences:The bottom latches are differentThe Von Duprin 98/9947 concealed vertical rod device covers up to 1/4" undercutThe Von Duprin 98/9948 concealed vertical rod device co...
They both use Template # 10320_c
The backset for a 98/99 rim PANIC device with 1609 strike is 2 3/8" from center of the opening to center line of the device. See template
The backset is 2 3/4" from edge of door to the center line of the device and strike. The preparation for the WS98/99 strike must be specified when placing order for the frame.
Required top and bottom rod adjustment. Top rod possibly is adjusted too short and not lifting the rod far enough to engage the latch retention which would cause bottom rod to drag floor ...
Always check the most current revision of the ANSI A156.19 standard for recommendation or requirement of the location of a Knowing Act switch. 2019 ANSI A156.19 states the requirement of the ...