do anti ligature come with torx screws


Torx screws are not standard on the SL1/SK1 trim but are available as an option. Specify the L283-121 Torx screw pack.  This pack includes torx screws for the armor and strike. 
A 4040 closer mounted with thru bolts on a 2-3/4" thick door would require 1/4-20 X 3-1/2" machine screws.
The 4210 and 4110 use the same door closer cylinder body. The 4210 is the security version of the 4110.
If arm screw is not gripping the forearm tube enough to securely hold the rod and shoe in place: If the allen head on the arm screw (-83) is stripped out, try using a wrench to tighten it. Try ...
Torx head screws are only available as machine screws.