Do you install steelcraft doors


Steelcraft does not supply door louvers (loose or installed) and will only provides a cutout in doors for specified louvers sizes.
Stamped louvers are no longer available from Steelcraft in any door series. Steelcraft discontinued this offering in 2008. Steelcraft will only provide a cutout only in doors for louvers.
Yes, as an option, Steelcraft doors are available with factory prepared for the 98/9949 Concealed Vertical Cable Exit Device. L, B, CE, T and CE-Series doors are available factory prepared Door...
The GCS (Glass Cutting Size) is determined by adding 1 1/4" to EGS (Exposed Glass Size) to both the height and width dimensions. Ex: EGS = 20" w. x 30" h. GCS = 21 1/4" wide x 31 1/4" high St...
For compression anchor details refer to the “ANCHORING SYSTEMS”  section in the Steelcraft Tech Data Manual.
It is always recommended to point installers to the industry installation manuals which are very comprehensive and are ANSI documentsClick here to get the updated link to the Steelcraft Shop M...