door closer comparisons


The 25 series devices was designed to replace the 18 series & will completely cover existing door prep from a 18 series device. However, some door re-prep is required for the current 25 de...
Locate closer and arm from the centerline of the swing clear hinge pin.
The 4040(XP) door closer can be used as a temporary replacement in a 4630/4640 operator to provide manual control of the door while the 4630/4640 closer cylinder is being repaired or a replacement ...
The part number is: 1461-3071 for the door closer cylinder body.
The holding force on an SE/ME Series door closer is approximately 35 lbs. and they can be manually pulled out of hold open with approximately 35 lbs of force. 
The 4011 can only mount on the Pull Side of the door and the 4111 can only mount on the Push Side of the door. Differences - The 4011 and the 4111 cylinders are different and the pinion shafts are...
ST-1630 is required when mounting a 4041 or 4040XP door closer regular (pull/hinge) side with a concealed GJ100 or GJ410 series over head stop.
The 62A shoe is used when it is necessary to install the door closer (lower) down on the door so that it will operate under accessories such as overhead stops, coordinators, etc.
The 330 closer and parts were discontinued in early 2009. LCN does not have any parts available for the 330 series closer. The LCN 3030 Series would be the comparable closer replacement to the...
The Falcon SC71 is an exact replacement for the Norton 7500. The LCN 1460 or 4040 Series closers could be used, the mounting hole pattern is different.