door hinge spacing


From head to centerline of each hinge (4 1/2" or 5") is 9 3/4", 39 3/64", 68 11/32" & 97 41/64".
The hinge spacing on a 9'0" frame opening height is 29 19/64".
From Head to top of each 4 1/2" hinge is 7 1/2", 36 51/64", 66 3/32" & 95 25/64". From Head to top of each 5" hinge is 7 1/4", 36 35/64", 65 27/32" & 95 9/64".
"5, 10 and equal" Hinge Spacing: The industry terminology which usually refers to the Custom (NAAMM/HMMA) Door hinge locations. This location dictates: Top Hinge - located 5" from the underside ...
Overhead Concealed door closers are used to provide a more aesthetic look to the opening.  Concealed in either the frame or the door Offer the ability to be adjusted to maintain...
Butt hinges can be used on  doors up to 4' wide and 200 pounds.  There is no maximum door height, just need to add a hinge for every 30" or part there of over 7'.
Locate closer and arm from the centerline of the swing clear hinge pin.
ST-1630 is required when mounting a 4041 or 4040XP door closer regular (pull/hinge) side with a concealed GJ100 or GJ410 series over head stop.
Fire labels (UL, ITS/WHI or FM) are located as follows: Butt Hinges and Pivots: On the doors the fire label is located on the hinge edge between the top and 2nd hinge preparation. On the fram...