Door prep for lock less outside trim


The L283-150 is a modified mounting plate to allow a user to only install trim on the inside of the L9000.  For installation and door prep requirements, see the install sheet.  Add...
The 4170 cover plate can be used to cover the 86 & 161 prepped doors.
See image, ANSI A115.1 Mortise Lock Prep   This door prep requires the N escutcheon with the L283-029 spacer kit to keep the springcage from falling into the door.&nbs...
See transformation document.
The minimum rose that can be used on the 61L (ANSI/BHMA A156.115.18) preparation is 3 7/16". Steelcraft's 61L lock prep (often referred to as the "Squashed Turtle lock prep") is designed for Bored...
The following templates are for the MA lock.  Use the matrix in each template for the specific function.  See here for Sectional trim . See here for Escutcheon trim.