doromatic parts list


The part number for the solenoid for the 1690/1790/2390 is 971687-00 and for the 1490/1590 is SOLENOID.142 (which is 971687-00 with a machined bracket).  The solenoid characteristics are the s...
The 710095-00 (85445-900) and 84570-900 are the older Sr. Swing analog (non-digital) control.  It is replaced by the current Sr. Swing digital control box. If you need to replace an old ...
The part number for 1690/1790 hex dogging shaft is shaft.101
The Dor-O-Matic overhead concealed manual door closers have been obsolete since 1999, and there are no parts available for them.
Part numbers are: 4270903177 for 1 each CAM.102 for a package of 10
The devices baseplates/scissor assemblies are different and will not accept the Von Duprin RX switch.
A purchase order must by entered through Order Entry. Part number 50-123 for Schlage and 50-123F for Falcon.   Reference the structure number (preferred) or an order num...
See attached table: Schlage 692/672 Parts Cross ref
Falcon is reintroducing the lever return spring for the discontinued Falcon M mortise series.  Effective November 1, 2014 the lever return spring is now available for purchase with a list pric...
Only the lever return spring is available.
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