double egress doors mullion


There is no mullion for double egress openings.  Mullions only applies to the doors that open in the same direction.
Contra-swing mullion; Opposite Swing Mullion
The backset for a 98/99 rim PANIC device with 1609 strike is 2 3/8" from center of the opening to center line of the device. See template
Astragals are required on: 3 hour fire rated pairs: Double doors - swinging in the same direction Double Egress - swinging in opposite directions Fire rated Dutch Doors Fire rated 1 3/4" t...
The 4040SE uses the regular arm for any Push Side mounting (minimum 28" door width). ST-2788 (a special arm and track) can be used to mount a 4040SE on the Push Side of a smaller (narrow) door. Sm...
Yes, wood doors can be used and installed in most hollow metal frame applications including FE-Series and DE-Series Double Egress frames. Caution - For fire rated applications the wood door manufa...