ST Number Product 1 Product 2 Description ST-2776 4040XP Rw/62A Overhead stop 81, 90, 100, 410, 450 series The standard P...
LCN no longer sells, repairs, or has any replacement parts for the track of the old SED units which had a built in detector in the track.    
Special template ST-2211 is used to mount a 2030 series closer with a GJ 70,79,81,90, and 450 series overhead stops. This ST works with any GJ "surface" mounted stop. The 2030 closer cannot b...
It would be unnecessary to use the CNS/Cush arm and the Glynn Johnson overhead devices in the same application, both mechanisms stop the door.
The 2010 and 2030 closer are not the same. The 2010 Series closer uses the (larger) 4010 cylinder which requires a 4" minimum frame tube to mount in. The 2030 uses the (narrow) "Pacer" cylinder...
The "Regular Arm" allows for a reveal up to 4-1/2". The "Long Arm" allows for a reveal between 4-1/2"- 8". ST-3088 is a special "Extra Long Rod" used to mount a 4640 operator on an opening wit...
ST Special Templates
Special Template (ST)
A special template is not needed, the closer drops down far enough on the door where it does not conflict with the GJ100 series concealed overhead stop. 
All the templates can be found at us.allegion.comPlease click here