The 1460 Regular Arm part numbers are: Regular Arm -- 1460-3077 or 1460-3077L for long arm (must specify finish). Regular Arm with PA -- 1460-3077PA (must specify finish). Regular Hold Open Ar...
The 4110 EDA/HEDA can be templated for 100°, 140°, and 180° hold open. The hold open adjustment can be set to hold the door at any position (degree) up to the maximum door opening angle. For "Wi...
The standard 1460 EDA arm is not long enough to allow the door to open 180°.
Hold Open Extra Duty Arm
Hold Open Extra Duty Arm w/ Thick Hub Shoe, Hold Open Extra Duty Arm with Thick Hub Shoe, Thick Hub Shoe
A special template is not needed, the closer drops down far enough on the door where it does not conflict with the GJ100 series concealed overhead stop. 
Hold Open Extra Duty Arm w/ Flush Transom Shoe, Hold Open Extra Duty Arm with Flush Transom Shoe, Flush Transom Shoe
The correct method (process) for setting the hold open is: The 4110 HEDA arms are handed, verify correct hand arm. (RH or LH stamped on shoe bracket) Loosen the hold open nut at shoe bracket. ...
The hold open position on a "REG" or "EDA"  hold open arm is set with the door to a few degrees shy of the desired hold open point. To properly set, open the door 5° less then the desired hold open...
The dead stop post would need to be removed and the 4040/4040XP EDA mounting template for 180° would be followed.