egress dormitory lock


Apartment Corridor Lock function is defined as a lock where the latch bolt operated by lever from either side, except when outside lever is made inoperative by a stop or mechanical means other than...
A delayed egress sign is provided with the M490DE and the M490DEP.  The sign's part number is P774358
One Delayed Egress Controller (DE5101) can run two mag locks on a pair of doors, provided the doors are not controlled independently
Dormitory or exit lock - Latch bolt operated by knob/lever from either side. Dead bolt projected by key from outside and turn from inside. Operating inside knob/lever retracts both bolts and unlock...
Dormitory lock—Deadlocking latch bolt by levers except when locked by push button in inside lever. Key in outside lever locks or unlocks lever and releases button. Closing door releases push button...
Dormitory/bedroom lock - Latchbolt is operated by knob/lever from either side. Deadbolt is operated by key outside or thumbturn inside.