The Senior Swing (2800/9500) Series operator has a 120VAC @ 2.5 Amp current draw for a single door (2811/9531/9542) or simultaneous pair(2853/9553). The independent pair units (2863/9563) have a 12...
24 volt version draws 90 mAmps (0.090A). 120 volt version draws 30 mAmps (0.030A). See here for the LCN catalog sheets that contain this information (page 2 of 48).
The 900-2RS option board is used with PS914 power supply to isolate the inputs such as key pads or card readers from the outputs for EL electric exit devices.  The EL draws 16 amp inrush that needs...
PS902 is a 2 amp power supply and each E996L electric trim draws 0.25 amps at 24VDC. You can have up to eight E996L electric trim per PS902 power supply.
Applies only to Von Duprin QEL exit devices shipped after December 11th, 2014.1.0 amp inrush and a 0.14 amp holding current.
For Product Shipped Prior to August 2012 using the old (black) potted module:a.       0-100 ft 14 gauge wireb.      0-200 ft 12 gauge wire&nbs...