electric strike temperature range


The 6300 surface mounted electric strike can be used with a 22 rim device.
The Benchmark III control has a 24VDC, 2.5 amp power supply, and built in relay for controlling electric strikes or other accessories less than 2.5 amps current load. For a fail secure strike, r...
The 8200 Series operator CANNOT power a strike, maglock, or EL device. A separate power supply is ALWAYS required. There is an onboard relay to control a strike, maglock, or EL device.
You can't run 24VDC into the 12VDC electric strike, over voltage such as this will cause the solenoid to heat up and damage the solenoid.  You must change to a 24V solenoid, part number 050240-00.
For all models of 6000 series electric strike, except the 6300 & 6400, the color of the solenoid wires determine the voltage.  Black wires are used on 24VDC solenoids and yellow wir...
The strike will always be DC.  By using a SO24 or SO12(rectifiers) you will be able to convert the AC waveform from a transformer to a DC waveform that will be acceptable by the 6000 series strikes.